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Phlox (Phlox glaberrima (?) or paniculata) at Pittman Center. July 29, 1934. #0242
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Birth of a National Park in the Great Smoky Mountains

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In 1960, Carlos C. Campbell wrote Birth of a National Park in the Great Smoky Mountains to document and preserve the history of the establishment of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The book is an historical account of the unusual movement which led to the establishment of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the incredible dedication of the citizens, young and old, of North Carolina and Tennessee, who ensured, through their efforts and sacrifices, that it would become a reality. This historical account was written and documented at the request of the Great Smoky Mountains Conservation Association's officers and directors. They desired that all important details of the movement, with interpretations, be recorded. This book takes the reader from concept to completion of what would become the nation's most visited national park.

"…admirably objective…this work, as a primary source, constitutes an important addition to the slim literature on the history of conservation of natural resources in the South." North Carolina Historical Review

"This beautifully illustrated book…is a major addition to national park literature…Carlos C. Campbell deserves special thanks."American Forests Magazine

"As history, the book is entertaining. As an insight into human psychology, it is fascinating."Audubon Magazine



Great Smoky Mountain Wildflowers

While doing extensive hiking, he was captivated by the floral variety of the Smokies and soon became an authority on both the history and natural beauties of the park. In 1962, Carlos, along with co-authors William F. Hutson, and Aaron J. Sharp wrote Great Smoky Mountains Wildflowers. In order to keep the cost of this book as low as possible so that more persons could enjoy it, the authors chose to forgo any royalties from its sales. The book, for many years, was the University of Tennessee Press's best selling book.

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It is currently in its expanded fifth edition and is prepared and managed by Robert W. Hutson.