The Carlos C. Campbell Collection


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Clouds over Greenbrier — as seen from 100 yards west of Myrtle Point on Mt. LeConte. Note hiker silhouetted at left of dead tree in right foreground.
March 25, 1934. #0022 Copyright © 2010 Carlos C. Campbell Collection


Over the many years of hiking and other visits to the Smokies, Carlos became an avid photographer. He made thousands of Great Smokies pictures, and many of them were published in newspapers and magazines, including Nature Magazine, American Rifleman, and the prestigious National Geographic Magazine. The extensive collection of photos is in the process of being carefully digitized for preservation and safekeeping. One of the most unique aspects of the Carlos C. Campbell Collection is that he wrote information on the back of the photo; where it was, who was in it, why it was of significance, the date, the image's number, and lastly, on each the back of each and every photograph, his signature.

Images will be posted on this site, so check back often.